Persistence – Keeping Going

Persistence Pays

The Only Success Secret You Need

Do you feel there’s too much to learn and you can’t make a start?
Sure, there’s a lot to learn, but none of it will mean anything until you are using it.
Find a task each day that will take you one step closer and do it.
Do It Every Day.
That’s the secret.
That’s all you need.
I’ll say it again, in case you missed it.
Do It Every Day.

Maybe you’re pretty new to internet marketing, or maybe (like me) you’ve been at it for years.
Maybe you’re someone who’s bought a lot of internet marketing products, or maybe you’ve just bought a few.
Maybe you’ve seen some success, or maybe you’re struggling.
Or maybe you’re jumping around trying this and that and getting more and more confused.

If anything is holding you back, you can change that. You need to Choose To Succeed
Right now, here, today.
Here’s what matters. Practice one thing and learn it thoroughly.
You need to pick a method or skill, put it into action, and then do it every day.
Don’t get distracted, don’t try 4 things at once, don’t switch focus every week.
Pick one method, whether that be product creation, list building, affiliate marketing,
CPA, tee-shirts, offline lead generation….

Learn one method…
That’s the only success secret you really need.
Now, there may be tools that will help you work more efficiently, some things will make you grow faster, like having a coach.
But you don’t need them if you can stay focused on one thing, and do it every day.
Every Large thing is made up of thousands of small things. Even a daisy is really many tiny flowers gathered to form the ‘flower’ we recognise.

Know that when you do something every day, something happens.
You make PROGRESS.
Persistence pays off and your progress will accelerate the more you focus and take action.
Sure, there will be obstacles. There will be failures.
You will be disappointed and want to give up.
Keep going.
Do it every day, and you will be successful.

The joy is in the journey and the destination is the end of that.
Or in the words of Napoleon Hill, in Think and Grow Rich:
“Happiness is found in doing, not merely in achieving.”

I hope this helps and if it did, do let me know in the comments below and spread it around using the share buttons.

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Julie Ashti

Julie is a hungry consumer of knowledge and has put much of her learning to the test. She seeks out courses and books as well as software for online marketing, is impressed or annoyed by them, and gives Honest Reviews.