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Making Money Honestly

Have you ever been the victim of a scam or been taken in by some sob story? It’s a horrible feeling. You feel an idiot, sick to the stomach, especially if large sums of money are involved.

I have – several times. It happens so easily when you feel desperate or down. Sometimes you’re simply not expecting it because it happens when everything seems normal.

It’s embarrassing too. We don’t like to admit to our friends that someone has made a fool of us.

Having fallen for some tricks in my time, I have become wary and want to know more before I part with my money.

Well, being in the business of selling can put the shoe on the other foot
Suddenly people are wary of you!

Everyone is a Seller.

Being a seller does not automatically mean a person is bad or un-ethical. Even an employed person is selling their time – and they have to demonstrate that their time is worth having in order to get paid. They have to do the job.

But they don’t feel like they are selling.
The word ‘selling’ has connotations of dirty deals, smacks of shady shenanagens. People don’t want to be associated with THAT.

And neither do I.

Wheeling and Dealing is Out

Persuasion is not my style, and I believe that it should not be used. Rather, I prefer to show people what a thing can do for them, how it might help and then they can make their own choice about whether to purchase. My core values in life influence everything I do.

My Freebies are just that – free relevant information that helps.

It’s fun to see the delight when someone discovers something they didn’t know about or finds a tool that does the job they are trying to do in half the time.
I love being the one who causes the delight.
And so it is with reviewing products as well as making my own. I write reviews of Internet marketing products with integrity.

  • I look for products I need that help me.
  • I find a product that works for me.
  • I tell everyone I know about it!

If I own it myself, people can buy it from me.
If it belongs to someone else, they pay me a commission for referring a customer.

Not only that, the person I’ve told about the product is happy to have bought it.

You know what they say about deals, don’t you…

“A good deal is one where all parties are happy”

That’s what I aim for in bringing you my product reviews.

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About the author

Julie Ashti

Julie is a hungry consumer of knowledge and has put much of her learning to the test. She seeks out courses and books as well as software for online marketing, is impressed or annoyed by them, and gives Honest Reviews.