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The creators are offering huge discounts and incentives during the launch. The launch will end very soon and discounts will only be available for a short time, so speed is of the essence for Maximum Savings.

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Recently released is a new piece of software by Walt Bayliss that can literally uncover buyers for ANYTHING in just minutes.
Not only that, but the program will show you exactly how to reach those people.
When I say ‘reach’ I mean aim your advertising with a precision that can only be exclaimed at.

I do try to keep cool and quietly objective when recommending things, I’m not a natural ‘Wow! & ‘Whoop’ sort. Quiet and thoughtful, That’s me, but this isn’t a question of taste, as it is when recommending a restaurant or something.
It’s a downright practical tool that does amazing things.

For Full Details of DATA JEO, Click Here

This a replay of the EXCLUSIVE Pre Launch Webinar With Walt
When he gave a LIVE walk through of
the most important piece of software in your online marketing toolkit from this day forward.

You know, I have been almost weeping at the impossibility of doing this kind of research, knowing how valuable the information would be, but just not having the time, resources or know-how to do it properly, over and over, for every product.

And it’s a HORRIBLE Job – worse than most of the less creative necessities of running a business.

Having access to such a thing. It’s a dream come true.

Such detailed insight has only been within the reach of big businesses
that understand how important fulfilling the needs and wants of the customer is to their profit margin!

People are shouting and yelling and writing about this amazing software
with exclamations dotted about all over the place! Like this!!!

Such is the ‘wow’ factor of Walt’s software as the realisation dawns of the possibilities it opens up for those with the imagination and temerity to use it.
Your online business is about to take a MASSIVE step forward.

See for yourself what it can do for you…

For details of DATA JEO  – CLICK HERE
You don’t want to miss it.

And, because this is Limited Launch,
you get to go through the software with the product creator
and get access to the lowest price before it goes up.

Even if you don’t buy, you will pick up some useful insights.

I should mention that if you do buy through my link, I will be compensated, but I don’t enthuse over bad stuff! No point – I want you to value my opinion for the long term.


This software shows you where your customers are, what they buy, hobbies – everything –
even down to which Youtube channels they subscribe to and Facebook groups they hang out in!
It’s pretty scary really.
But it gathers the information that is already out there from multiple sources and puts it all together in a usable form.

I just had to up-date this - I'd love you to subscribe, and you can always come back and do that:)  but I don't want you to miss this chance - This was my earlier post:

My Introduction Video...

Are You Selling or Promoting . . .

  • Services
  • Courses
  • Tshirts
  • Gadgets
  • Skills

Whatever your business, you need to know who wants your wares. . .

A new market research tool has just been released to the public that will take away the drudge of customer profiling and research.

I am reviewing Data Jeo and am - blown away really!

The creators are offering huge discounts and incentives during the launch. The launch will end very soon and discounts will only be available for a short time, so speed is of the essence.

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